After what seems like forever, we finally go our permits from the ministry of culture to distribute our music and play public concerts in Iran. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept and think it sounds strange, well the truth is it is! The whole process is so absurd that none of it makes sense. But the good news is that I can finally get my music out in public over here. I'm almost 36, so I would say I have about 14 years left in the tank to solidify my legacy (if I can even manage to even stay relevant for that long).

I went through a lot of ups and downs, both personally and as a band, these past few years. But with the help and commitment of my bandmates (who seriously are the best bandmates in the world), we were able to make it through the fire in the face of all the adversaries that we faced. I sometimes wonder how we didn't just crash and cave in during the whole process. I seriously can't understand how we were able to maintain our patience and not go postal. But we persevered. And the future is looking bright. We have our eyes set on some big goals. Step one: get the album out. 

We've recorded over 50 unreleased songs in the past few years and finally are able to share them with our fans. 

Photo by Mehdi Abdolkarimi

Photo by Mehdi Abdolkarimi

Live in Tehran at Milad

دوباره داريم "اسكارلت دهه شصت" رو روى صحنه ميبريم، اين دفعه بزرگتر و متفاوت تر، با آهنگ ها و داستان هاى بيشتر. اونايى كه دفعه قبل اومدن و حال كردن و دوست داشتن بازم بيان، الان وقتشه. اونايى هم كه نتونستن بيان و گفتن دفعه بعد ميايم، اينم دفعه بعد.
شنبه ١٨ ارديبهشت، سالن ميلاد نمايشگاه ، ساعت ٩:٣٠ شب، ميبينيمتون.
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Keep on truckin

We've had so many adventures on the road, it never really gets old. The passing scenery, the comradery, the random arguments and conversations in the van, the wonderful people who take us into their homes and feed us their soul food, the familiar feeling of remembering what it is to be human when connecting with absolute strangers in far away lands over a pint, the fresh breeze that travels over the lakes and seas and caresses every leave before it intoxicates your entire being, I can really go on forever. There is no greater freedom than being #ontheroad in perpetual motion. Never stopping, never caring. The show must go on. Don't be afraid to rid yourself from the nasty chains of routine and comfort. Live a little. Or don't. But I guarantee that all the pills in the world can never put a smile on your face as much as a setting sun in the distant horizon of a rear view mirror cruising through asphalts of an unknown land. Much love to you all! x