Raam is an Iranian/Canadian musician. He started his musical career as the singer/songwriter/founder of Hypernova, a post-punk band in New York, which was born in the undergrounds of Tehran in the early 2000's. After some modest success with Hypernova, he decided to pursue a solo career under the name of King Raam. After several years of adventures between Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Tehran, Raam has moved back to Vancouver to begin the next chapter of his life.

Raam was born in the coastal city of Bushehr, Iran, and moved to Eugene on the West Coast of the United States with his family at a young age. Raam would return to Iran in the 90s, where he lived as a teenager in Tehran. He later immigrated to Canada in 1998 to try his luck at college life but his fragile eggshell mind would not settle for the calm of the classroom, so he set out on a journey to find his calling. He soon founded the band Hypernova, the first rock band to come out of Iran and get signed and tour with big acts around the world. With a great deal of international press behind them, exposing a different side to the axis of evil, Hypernova paved the way for a new generation of aspiring underground Iranian artists. In 2008, Hypernova toured North America in support of Goth legends the Sisters of Mercy, their song Viva La Resistance  is featured on the blockbuster video game Rock Band 3, and they performed at the Pangea Day Festival sponsored by the TED conference. The band has also been featured in the New York Times, MTV, Billboard, NPR, CNN, NME and Vanity Fair just to name a few.

Raam launched his solo career in Toronto in 2011 with Songs of the Wolves, a personal and sincere album of love and loss. With the help of Persian poet/author/filmmaker Tara Aghdashloo, who wrote lyrics for the album, Raam expanded his musical horizons singing in his native Persian language for the first time in his career. The success of the album was a pleasant surprise for everyone and was downloaded over a million times. It was a reaffirmation that there is a legitimate demand for an alternative sound in the Iranian music scene. He recorded his sophomore follow up The Vulture in 2013. His third EP A Day & A Year was recorded in Tehran and was followed up by a successful North American and European tour. In 2017 He released Until a Thousand and... which was his last album based out of Tehran.

Following the suspicious death of his father, the prominent Iranian/Canadian professor and environmentalist Kavous Seyed Emami, Raam and his family fearing for their safety decided to flee Iran and return to Canada. On March 8th while they were getting ready to board a plane from Tehran the authorities detained his mother and confiscated her passport. Raam and his brother were allowed to depart even though they didn’t want to leave their mother behind, but she pleaded with them to never come back and to just leave the country safe and sound. Now 18 months later, his mother is still being held hostage while he and the Canadian government are doing everything in their power to return her back home to Vancouver. This difficult time has obviously been traumatic for Raam but he insists on carrying on with his heart full of love, his head up high and with more perseverance than ever. It is what his father would have wanted. Raam recently channeled his creative energy into a one-man storytelling performance about his father’s legacy interspersed with his music. He is currently putting together a catalogue of previously unreleased music while also working on his new album.

King Raam is:

Vocals + Guitar // Raam
Lead Guitar // Amir Alav
Bass + Beats + Keys // Arman Paxad