There is a very fine line between love and hate. We all walk on this blurry path with our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, acquaintances and lovers. We know exactly when we are hurting them, but we never seem to grasp how much we are loved by them. We know we can make decisions that will have meaningful and positive consequences on their lives, yet we end up disappointing and hurting them for selfish reasons. Now this obviously isn't the case all of the time. There are many people who can see beyond the momentary madness, that rears its ugly head every now and then, and truly empathize with the pain of others.  One thing I have learned is that genuine empathy requires great depth, commitment and understanding, and I hope that one day I can reach a point where I can express true and honest love for everyone and prevent the anger and spite from penetrating into my soul. I don't pretend to be a saint, in fact, I would say that I'm quite a fucked up person. But that won't stop me from aspiring to be a better human being.