Happy New Year!

While this beautiful artichoke looks inviting and promises to fulfil my palate, I assure you that the experience was anything but pleasant. You see, as I carefully placed the artichoke in said position with the hope of making the world envious of the delicious foodgasm I was about to experience, something quite nasty ensued. As I slowly bathed each leaf into my delicious vinaigrette sauce, the world went motionless between the moments the artichoke leaf would reach my lips and consequently melt in my mouth. It truly was bliss. After a long day of physical and mental turmoil, I deserved to let go and drown myself in this earthly pleasure. But as every leaf turned, there came a revelation. A secret which I did not want to know. A tiny black spot which grew bigger and darker with every turn. The fear began to sink as to where this mysterious hole would lead. I could only pray to the gods that it wouldn't end where my dark mind had wandered off to. But alas, it is a cruel and indifferent world we live in, and no sooner than I was able to regurgitate the pieces of heaven which I had selfishly stolen for my own consumption did the truth reveal itself in the form of a squirming worm who had just witnessed a freak of nature devour the very place it called its home.

I know there's a lesson to be learned somewhere from this experience...and hopefully this newfound wisdom will come in handy for the new year. 

Happy 2014 world.