Sometimes I write really long letters to people in distant corners of the planet. Pages and pages of stories, memories and updates. I attach pictures and links of songs that defined our friendship. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, but recently I've come to the realization that my commodore 64 of a brain has a certain capacity so I have to free up some space in order to stay fresh and keep everything moving forward. There is only so much I can remember.

 Some of the people I write to are my childhood friends I used to play with in playgrounds that are now merely relics covered in moss. I wonder where they are, and if they remember that one time we did that horrible/funny/dangerous thing that defined our youth.

Some of them are former lovers, flings and sexual beasts that I once encountered on my many journeys across the plains. I want to tell one how much I miss her lips, the other her loving touch, M. how she would let me just play with her naked body for as long as I desired, and E. the way she would rape me with her eyes during sensitive times when sex was the last thing we were supposed to be thinking about. 

Some of them are best friends from a different time and place that for some reason we have fallen out of touch, some of them now consider themselves to be my mortal enemies for god knows what delusional reasons. I wish they only knew how much I cared about them and how stupid they are to harbor so much unnecessary hatred and anger.  Life's too short to be angry and cynical. Why would anyone want to carry such a heavy weight on their shoulders? 

One click changed my life forever. Perhaps it is time to close my eyes and jump into the abyss again...or maybe I should hit delete.