I'm in love

I've recently been having a dream about a girl who doesn't exist. I can tell you the details and color of her eyes and hair, her family background, her education, her quirks and pet peeves, yet this person is completely fictional, or so I am led to believe by my subconscious mind. How can I feel so strongly about her in my dreams? Why do I long to be with her? Is she just a narcissistic projection of myself in the opposite sex?

Being in love is the most amazing and terrifying experience in the world for me and it almost ruins me completely every single time. There is a part of me that can't help but let go when I meet someone new. I love this state of vulnerability. I love being in love. I would much rather be in this beautifully fragile state of mind than constantly being filled with hatred, envy and fear. 

Maybe it's because I was brought up in such a loving home. The unconditional love that my parents and brother have for me are what basically keep me alive and motivated to better myself. This is one addiction I'm not willing to part paths with.

Make sure to always remind the special people in your life how much you love them.