The Perfect Cure

Are you feeling blue? Confused? Depressed? Constrained by the shackles of an existential crisis? Or just hungover from excessive partying?

What if I told you I have the perfect remedy to liberate yourself from this cage that you've built with your own hands? 

Just follow the steps below and within minutes you will experience pure joy and freedom:

1- Get completely naked.
2- Find a mirror (preferably a tall one).
3- Play a song that gets you riled up and push the volume to 11 (Pharrel Williams new song HAPPY is currently my go to for this practice).
4- Start dancing like there's no tomorrow. GO FUCKING CRAZY. If necessary scream or sing along with the song. Watch your beautiful/disgusting/skinny/fat/weird body just flap around as you lose yourself to the rhythm of the music.
5- Keep dancing until you enter a blissful trance of indifference and drift into oblivion.

You are now cured. You're welcome.