THere's no place like home

Yesterday something interesting happened to me. After checking out a couple of exhibitions with my new manager, we decided to head over to a cafe to figure out some details of our game plan for my new releases. As soon as we got into his Cherokee jeep, he jokingly said I hope the car doesn't die on us. Lo and behold, a couple minutes later the car breaks down on a freeway ramp and we have to call a tow truck. When he left with the car to head over to a mechanic, I just started walking down the street to find a car to head to my next destination.

As I was just daydreaming along the road I realized that this is no place to find a cab when suddenly a car screeched and stopped right beside me. A couple of boys and girls got out of the car and yelled: "King Raam is that you?" to which I embarrassingly nodded in confirmation. They pushed me into their car and said: "Where are you going? We'll take you there!" So here I was a with a bunch of random fans, who were the sweetest people in the world,  just laughing and exchanging stories all the way to my next destination. Only in Iran will I get this kind of hospitality. I would be lying if I said that I would even consider going anywhere else for a while. I feel like I have a chance to make a legitimate contribution to our music scene. I'm looking forward to all the challenges that lay ahead in my journey. As long as I have a good mechanic that can fix me up when I break down, I should be fine.