So it's funny, or perhaps even ironic, that I have ended up right back where I started my whole journey. Some days I feel as if I've lived them a million times before, and others I feel as though they are just part of a dream I'm having on a boat where I fell asleep 20 years ago in the Persian Gulf. The dream was so vivid, and real, I could even see the white outlines of my guitar and I could hear the crowd singing my songs. In one incarnation, I came close to that dream, but something was off. As though I had made a wrong turn somewhere along my journey towards the ethereal plane.

I fixed up my old studio and underground (literally, not figuratively) rehearsal space, put together a band, bought a couple of giant whiteboards and laid out my ambitious plans for the future in red, blue and black.

I like to think that I am much more organized and wiser, having gone through an almost identical path 15 years ago, but there are parts of me that remain unchanged. I really don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I've lived, unfortunately perhaps, like a rebel without a cause for so long that I've morphed into a caricature of myself. At least people say I look super young for my age (34 if you're wondering) so I have that going for me I guess...