Keep on truckin

We've had so many adventures on the road, it never really gets old. The passing scenery, the comradery, the random arguments and conversations in the van, the wonderful people who take us into their homes and feed us their soul food, the familiar feeling of remembering what it is to be human when connecting with absolute strangers in far away lands over a pint, the fresh breeze that travels over the lakes and seas and caresses every leave before it intoxicates your entire being, I can really go on forever. There is no greater freedom than being #ontheroad in perpetual motion. Never stopping, never caring. The show must go on. Don't be afraid to rid yourself from the nasty chains of routine and comfort. Live a little. Or don't. But I guarantee that all the pills in the world can never put a smile on your face as much as a setting sun in the distant horizon of a rear view mirror cruising through asphalts of an unknown land. Much love to you all! x 


So it's funny, or perhaps even ironic, that I have ended up right back where I started my whole journey. Some days I feel as if I've lived them a million times before, and others I feel as though they are just part of a dream I'm having on a boat where I fell asleep 20 years ago in the Persian Gulf. The dream was so vivid, and real, I could even see the white outlines of my guitar and I could hear the crowd singing my songs. In one incarnation, I came close to that dream, but something was off. As though I had made a wrong turn somewhere along my journey towards the ethereal plane.

I fixed up my old studio and underground (literally, not figuratively) rehearsal space, put together a band, bought a couple of giant whiteboards and laid out my ambitious plans for the future in red, blue and black.

I like to think that I am much more organized and wiser, having gone through an almost identical path 15 years ago, but there are parts of me that remain unchanged. I really don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I've lived, unfortunately perhaps, like a rebel without a cause for so long that I've morphed into a caricature of myself. At least people say I look super young for my age (34 if you're wondering) so I have that going for me I guess...



I don't know why I ever stopped writing in this blog, but I'm going to make an effort to jot down my scattered thoughts if only for the sake of archiving them. This past year has been by far one of the most incredible years of my life. I made a spontaneous decision to move back to Iran on a whim and my gamble paid off tremendously.

I went to Brazil during the world cup to star in a movie, I put together an amazing band, recorded my 3rd solo album, got signed with an awesome label, found a wonderful partner, went on unforgettable camping trips all across the vast beauty of Iran, I can go on forever really... I need to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I went through some very difficult times during the past couple of years, after taking a break from Hypernova, having my heart broken, being financially in ruins and emotionally a complete mess, the tides have finally turned in my favor. But I know that this phase just like everything else is temporary, I just hope I can appreciate all the great things happening in my life and stay committed to being present in all its glory. I'm just lucky to have the coolest parents in the world, and a wise and loving brother, who have supported me through thick and thin and bless me with their unconditional love.

There are so many wonderful plans for my future, I have to make sure I end everything on the right note while I still have some time left on this tiny trip we call life.