The beginning of the end...

Dear friends,

It has been a long journey and I really don't know what chapter we are in, but the essence of the story remains the same. We breeze through this tiny amount of time that we have on this wonderful planet with such self importance that we sometimes forget that in the end the universe is indifferent and that the sum of our existence will merely be a blink of an eye to father time. But somehow with all of the decimals stacked against us, we continue to find beauty in the most absurd of places: In between the pages of a lost book buried somewhere deep within the confines of a beautiful mind, a single leaf drifting carelessly through an autumn breeze, in a friendship with your fellow species who share the same genetic code of the ones that roamed the plains millions of years ago, in a gentle touch if for only mere seconds underneath the table where your hands were not meant to meet, I can go on but you get the idea...

Although our legacies, stories and accomplishments (or lack of) will fundamentally be meaningless in the grand scheme of things, the flames that ignite our curiosity and sense of awe burn ever so brighter. We didn't invent the wheel just because we were lazy, although I would argue that laziness played a very important role, but because we had no other choice but to quench our thirst for something bigger than ourselves. 

I don't know if I've ever done anything important in my life worth remembering, but the fact that every once in a blue moon I get an email from some random stranger that tells me I've made their drunk night after an epic struggle slightly easier to tolerate, well, I feel like I've done something pretty special. So thank you kind stranger for your love! It is your honest kindness that gives me hope for doing what I do. 

My music is just an extension of myself. If you like what I do then please do contribute in any way you can. Send me flowers, or just an email, anything. A couple of dollars can go a long way. I love you regardless of whatever decision you make. 

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One Love.